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At PrimeTech, we believe that every employee contributes directly to our growth and success. We want people who take pride in being a part of our team. The founders, Brad and Marti Shoemaker often say “PrimeTech is more than just a name.”

“Prime” tells who we are. As an adjective, it means chief, best, superior or premier. As a verb, it means to prepare, ready or to fill in – it’s the “Tech” or what we do. In other words, PrimeTech intends to be the “chief” full service contractor to “fill in” for clients to “prepare and ready” their plant in the “best” way possible offering “superior” service.
We have spent years building a reputation and a name for ourselves in our industry. We want our customers to equate the name PrimeTech with integrity, excellence, and quality.

Our Growth


Corporate Headquarters
4505 Muhlhauser Rd
Hamilton, OH 45011

We’re growing!

PrimeTech is proud to announce the recent opening of an Office/Warehouse in Louisville, KY.

Contact us for more information.







If you take pride in your work, believe in doing what’s right even when no one is watching, if you are looking to build a future for yourself and the company then please download an application and return to with your resume and/or cover letter.