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About us


PrimeTech builds pathways for technology – safely, accurately, and professionally. We strive for excellence delivering quality service, timely and cost effectively.

We are committed to an environment of integrity, trust, and professionalism through Christian principles.


We will always stand behind our name, stand on our reputation, and stand with our clients.

Our goal is to be the service provider of choice in the OH/KY/IN region through prime planning and prime performance for prime results.


PrimeTech is owned by Brad’s and Marti Shoemaker. They met while employed for a large company back in the 1980’s.

Starting as a Line Tech and working up to General Manager, Brad decided to pursue his dream to start his own business in 1996.

He purchased a bucket truck to work in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. At the time their office was the family dining room.

Often a person or a company, is defined by what they do.

The Shoemakers wanted a name that told not only what the company did, but who they were. Thus was born “PrimeTech.

As Marti will tell you, “Prime is who we are. It means ‘best, premier, superior, chief, primary and crucial.’ Tech is what we do – we provide technical expertise to our clients.”


PrimeTech is a full service construction contractor for the Telecommunication and Utility Industries.

PrimeTech builds pathways for technology: safely, accurately, and professionally.

The PrimeTech Management Team is a great blend of industry veterans and fresh talent. That means you get the tried and true that comes from valuable experience combined with novel and innovative approaches.

You can be sure of our credentials. Our expertise runs the gamut from construction through installation and testing of coax, copper and fiber optic cables – both aerial and underground. We believe we offer our clients some of the best talent in the business.

We work together to offer commitment, reliability and integrity in every task and project we put our name on. We will create a customized solution to your project needs.

Our linemen are among the best in the industry! Whether working new construction or maintenance, they provide experience, technical skill, and knowledge to ensure safe and timely resolutions to your aerial project needs. Project completion includes detailed As-Built Maps of all work.

Contact us for more information on our expertise in:

  • Aerial utility construction and placement of fiber, copper and coaxial lines
  • Wreck out and removal
  • Pole installation
  • Pole transfers
  • Forced Relocates
  • Network expansion projects
  • Maintenance service

PrimeTech provides a complete range of new build and maintenance related to buried services and underground utility construction.

We focus on quality, safety, and timeliness so work is done correctly and on time the first time.

We have the experience and equipment to place vaults, pedestals, and service lines, whether it be conduit, coax, or fiber.  We can build cabling systems through manholes, or install pull lines and cable into conduit.

Our teams are prepared to complete any project large or small.

PrimeTech is confident that we have the best of the best on our splicing team.

Whether coax, interior or fiber, our splicers have extensive knowledge and training to meet every project need. PrimeTech Coax splicers average 20 years of on-the-job experience. We have earned a reputation for meeting and exceeding deadlines on even the toughest splicing projects.

With a host of Managers, Coordinators, Surveyors and other cross-trained associates ready to step in when volume or scope requires, we offer a depth in splicing that competitors simply don’t have.

Our Fiber Optic Splicing Team has an accumulated total of nearly 70 years of experience! Even so, our Fiber Splicers go through extensive preparation before working on their own. PrimeTech has developed one of the strongest fiber splicing training programs in the industry.

Using state of the art equipment, our splicers are certified to handle even the most complex projects. Cross- trained associates and the Project Managers who are experienced fiber splicers augment the strength of our core team.


  • Fusion splicing
  • Design services
  • Bi-directional testing
  • OTDR testing
  • Fiber Complete Testing
  • Fiber Characterization
  • Emergency Restoration call-outs

PrimeTech offers a full spectrum of design engineering and consulting services.

Ala carte or as a part of a turnkey operation, we provided an uncompromised level of experience and expertise. We do quality work at an equitable price.

What we do best:

  • System Design and Walkouts
  • Design services including the use of Geographic Information System (GIS) software
  • As-Built Walkouts
  • MDU Design and Survey
  • Pole Loading Analysis
  • Proof of Performance
  • System Electronic Upgrades

PrimeTech’s Emergency Restoration Service teams are “primed” to respond to network outages quickly and expertly. Our highly trained and most experienced crews will ensure minimal downtime of your system.

Contact us to secure our ERT Services for 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 days a year emergency response support in:

  • Aerial Line Repair
  • Underground Line Repair
  • Fiber Splicing.
  • Coaxial Splicing

Each client is assigned to a Client Support Specialist.  This specialist assists the Project Manager and field crews to ensure each job is completed timely, and with accurate support records, to improve customer satisfaction and facilitate invoicing.

We use state-of-the-art job and production tracking software that monitors job progress and employee performance. On a daily basis, each crew carries a device to enter the field work performed.  

Real time updates of work in progress allows your Project Manager to meet challenges head on, helping to ensure deadlines are met.

Our job tracking software automatically produces as-built maps and documentation.  Using the  data entered by the crews on site, this tracking and documentation giving us, and our clients, visuals of the completed project.



At PrimeTech, we believe that every employee contributes directly to our growth and success.
We want people who take pride in being a part of our team.





Contact Us

Executive Offices and Operations Headquarters

4505 Muhlhauser Road

Hamilton, Ohio 45011

Email :

Office : 513-942-6000

Fax : 513-942-6160



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